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Artist for Two Sites

Well, I've had a bit of a busy time. From when I done my last post to now, I've somehow became a Sim artist for two completely different sites. One second I'm trying to do my commissions, the next I'm being attacked from all sides o___o; It's sort of.. you know weird. I've never had to bother with deadlines before, and now I feel pressured to actually stick to them. Though, I have to admit my commissions have suffered quite a bit as they are being even more delayed than they once were.

The first site that first stepped towards me was Aywas.com. I've never really been one for sims like it, but it seems an okay game, and as long as I get paid I don't mind. The site is basically a breeding, collection exploring sim. You explore regions, collect animals that you capture and breed others to get unique offspring. Luckily I'm only working part time at the site, though I'm considering giving up my position in this one, to be even more committed to the other.

The other site is a new up coming Sim, called Vis Servo. It's unique in respect that you have to manage and protect your own wildlife reserve in serveral countries and regions. You start off in the UK, and you can then travel abroad. I got recommended to the site by one of my watchers on dA, so I checked it out, applied and after a sample image I was put on the team. It's pretty cool as all my favourite artists from Furry-Paws are pretty much on there, so I'm sort of revelling in the fact that I'm considered as great as them C: Tehe <3

And, I was a dick and booked myself in for my Driving Theory (whilst completely wrecked with my mum). I'm really NOT looking forward to it D: And I gave myself too few time to actually revise properly. I guess I'll have to try and fit it in between everything. You know, a little bit of Site work, a little bit of Commission, and then revising Driving whilst I'm halfway through chores and such. Fuuuuuun.


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Aug. 25th, 2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
Yay commishhions! Payz for food, shelter, virtual wildlife, and fursuits ;-)
Aug. 25th, 2010 09:21 pm (UTC)
C: And in my case Injections, and partway to getting a new Tablet :D
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