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I feel as guilty as fuck. I accidentally hurt the dog today by playing with him on my bed. I've been over my mums for the after noon, and just came back, and the dog was so excited. He was jumping around, and playing and generally very very happy. So I gave him a piece of jerky, and headed upstairs to get changed. The dog followed me up and jumped on my bed, and wanted to play on the bed. So like usual I reeved him up, and began hit the bed with full force so the other side would bounce up with Zepplin on it (he generally loves this), so I struck the bed at the usual place. The dog however jumped in this place to try and attack my hands from bellow. It was too late to stop myself, but I managed to cut the amount of force down, but I still struck the dog. I caught his head and neck between my wrist and elbow, and caught him quite roughly. He squealed and I got my hand as fast off him as I could. Then he had his ears pinned back, and he started licking my hand quite shyly D:

I think I hurt quite a bit, but I don't think that he is injured to say in the least. About a minute after it happened he was jumping around, and shoving more toys on me wanting to play. So I fussed him, and he seems okay. Just before I started to type this the dog went downstairs for a drink and a few biccies before coming back up.

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