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Regular Blogger?

I dunno. I've been thinking about it for a few days, and I thought that I should try and continue on with blogging, and letting people know what I do, and my noob moments. Possibly also keep a update on my moods, Zepplin, speed paints and my New years Resolution as well.
Okay so lets start!


Today I haven't done much but I've been working on my Dog training more than anything. I was suggested by Mirri (#4458) to try a technique called the Umbilical cord. It sounds repulsive, but its basically when you tie the dog to you all day. So I gave that a go, and poor little Zepp didn't enjoy it one little bit. I think he got irritated by the whole, "You must follow me around. THIS WAY. Haha, your too far away from that Toy unless I move my leg" issues xD Since he's such a little dog, I gave him as much distance as I could by tying him to my ankle, on two leashes. We had an eruka moment several times, and we had some fun aspects. One of his benefits was that he could chew something up on my bed. Usually I don't allow it, but he couldn't find anywhere comfortable on the floor within distance.

I also was working on some new tricks with him. We've been learning 'Speak', 'Watch me' and 'Belly'. Not all in one go though, just small little sessions as I waited for the kettle to boil, and after I done the dishes. I was also trying to desensitise him from ringing noises, because when I accidentally walk into the hanging bells, he runs for his life.

I've been drawing a little today, but I seem to have no inspiration or desire to really draw. I know that I need to do my commissions, but I don't have the will power to sit there and do them. -sigh- And this sketch that has been on my screen for the last 3 days has only just been coloured. Perhaps I need to go for a little relaxing walk with the dog tomorrow, and let my mind wander. There must be something that can kick my gear into action again.

Other aspects of my day was quite boring though to be honest. I was listening to a recording of myself speaking welsh, and seeing if I got the accenting right. I was also squeeing about my new pupper on FP.

She's amazing! -FPSqueeeeees- She's a puppy from the highest dog on FP, and she has some epic stats going on. The breeding level of her litter was 106 x 65, and the litter Quality was 215.8/100. I got SPOL of the litter, but I seem to have picked the Strongest pup from it. Her sister, who was named Spirit of the Wild, currently has a potential of 246 for Herding. Whilst, *Persephone has a potential of 282 in Herding. The difference is roughly, 9-14 levels between them. And if I keep feeding her cookies, and attacking her with Acorns the difference could reach over 20 levels before they even start to show. Another bright side is that I managed to breed two Piebald girlies for my lines. They're not great, but the stats on the girls are okay. **Crimson Snow has a potential of 127, and **Fresh Snow has a potential of 129. So you can see the massive difference in quality from them, and Persy. Whilst I'm on the FP topic, I see to have a weird Sloughi. She's only a Second gen, and she wasn't great when she weaned, but she's almost hit Level 30. As far as I know, it's unheard of for a Gen two dog to be that strong. Ohwell, looks like anything can happen.

At the moment, I'm halfway through making dinner. I'm making a casserol/Stew sort of dish, and my brother has just came home. He keeps asking me, "When's tea done, when's tea done?" Problem is, I keep saying 'I dunno', well in truth I do. It won't be finished till 9:30pm, but I don't have the heart to tell him that xD lawl, about an 1 hour and 40mins to go!

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